Best Prom Dress Colors for your Skin, Eyes and Hair Color

Published on: Monday, August 9, 2021 09:30

Like most prom girls, you want a striking look that’s as individual as you are. While a flattering fit goes a long way, there’s more to finding the perfect prom dress. If you really want to wow, that off the shoulder or two-piece prom dress also needs to complement your coloring.

Use this guide to decide which prom dress colors will make your face and features pop!

Best Prom Dress Hues for your Hair

Blondes. Cool blondes have more fun in pastel prom dresses like lavender and mint. If you’re a warm blonde, kick up the color in red, orange and purple jewel tones like this TC exclusive prom dress that will have your date drooling.

Brunettes. When your hair is dark, go bright. Turquoise, chartreuse, and magenta prom dresses are all fair game.

Redheads. Rock your red with an intoxicating pretty peach or emerald green prom dress. Think soft and warm or dramatic and vibrant!

Best Prom Dress Shades for your Skin Tone

Light. Counterbalance your skin with dark hues like navy or a fun fuchsia. Black prom dresses also look fantastic, contrasting pale prom gals.

Medium. From coral cuties to olive green or salmon pink prom dresses, you have your pick of the color palette. You can even explore the stunner above in one of our TC Exclusive colors like Lilac, Aubergine, or Royal.

Dark. Anything in the purple family pops against darker skin tones. Same goes for gowns like this yellow satin Sherri Hill two-piece prom dress.

Best Prom Dress Colors to Complement your Eyes

Blue. Pink prom dresses look fabulous paired with your baby blues. Whether you go with bubblegum pink or a pale pastel, the contrast will be breathtaking.

Green. Deep warm shades will frame your face and draw attention to your peepers. We love the way a plum or black cherry red prom dress helps green eyes shine brightly.

Brown. A lighter color gown like this Ivory off the shoulder prom dress will help any brown eyed beauty feel like a proper prom queen.

Universally Flattering Prom Colors

Want to play it safe and still turn out an unforgettable prom look? You can’t go wrong with neutral or metallic prom dresses. They’ll showcase your favorite features without the contrasting colors.

Remember, you can wear any shade that makes you feel confident—and never let anyone tell you that you can’t. Shop with a general idea of your most complementary colors, and you’re bound to find a prom dress as charming and unique as you are.

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