The Fight Against Counterfeit Websites!

The fight against counterfeit websites has never been tougher! As soon as one illegal counterfeit site is shut down another one pops-up in minutes, literally! Not only are the manufacturers and retailers feeling the heat, but our customers suffer a pain much worse when they trust their hard-earned money to counterfeit websites. Often times these sites take their money and run, or take advantage of trusting consumers who expect to get the item in the photograph, and end up with something far from what they expected! Don’t fall victim to promises that seem too good to be true on counterfeit websites!

The disastrous consequences of purchasing from a counterfeit website can range from getting something that has half the beading of the dress in the advertised image (all of which is much lesser quality, even PLASTIC, than the beadwork in the image), extremely cheap fabrication, horrible fit, extreme dye job variations, or, more often than not, you may never receive your dress at all! These sites won’t refund your money or respond to your phone calls and emails! They operate within a “snatch and grab” working mentality, taking consumers’ money as long as they can, then disappearing with their overseas bank accounts. This obviously assaults your rights as a paying customer, but there are also human rights violations at stake. Many of these illegal websites are known to produce counterfeit designer dresses in sweatshops that utilize child labor, while your sales could be helping fund illegal activity. Read more at!

Many of the top reputable prom designers and retailers across the country have come together to fight the ever-expanding industry of illegal counterfeit websites! One of the leaders in our industry, Mon Cheri’s CEO, Steve Lang, has made it his personal and professional priority to shut down the illegal operations of counterfeit factories and counterfeit websites to ensure that you, our valued customer, are not completely mislead while shopping for your perfect dress online.

There are countless websites selling counterfeit gowns, but to see a list of many known knock-off websites and, most importantly, to shop smart and ethically you can visit, provided by Top Prom Websites, who are also seeking to protect our customers!

Stop Fakes is another company that is completely dedicated to stopping the sale of counterfeit/knock-off products from unauthorized sites. If you were tricked and deceived by a counterfeit website, go to to report them! Don’t let it happen to anyone else!

Always make sure you are shopping from an AUTHORIZED RETAILER. To see our authorized retailer seals, check out our Authorized Retailer page. To hear real stories about customer who bought from these illegal, unauthorized counterfeit sites, and see real side-by-side photo comparisons of knock-off gowns they received, visit our No Knockoffs page.