This size chart is for measurement reference only; all styles are not necessarily available in all sizes. Refer to our website for the sizes that are available in a particular style in this collection.  
  Size Bust Waist Hips  
  00 31 22.5 34.5  
  0 32 23.5 35.5  
  2 33 24.5 36.5  
  4 34 25.5 37.5  
  6 35 26.5 38.5  
  8 36.5 28 40  
  10 38 29.5 41.5  
  12 39.5 31 43  
  14 41 32.5 44.5  
  16 42.5 34 46  
  18 44.5 36 48  
  20 46.5 38 50  
  22 49.5 41 53  
  24 53 44.5 56.5  
  26 57 48.5 60.5  
  28 61 52.5 64.5  
  Please Note: This is a general size chart for all of the styles in this designer's collection, every style is NOT necessarily available in every size.  
  -Please be advised that all styles fit differently based on the fabric and the actual style of the dress. (For example, if a style doesnt have a waist line, then the waist measurement of the dress will be bigger than on the size chart.)  
  -If a dress has an A-line shape, the hip measurements of the dress will be bigger than on the size chart.  
  -We will know if the style you are ordering fits differently from the measurements in this size chart and we will recommend another size if necessary based on the measurements.  
  (for example, if we know that a style has a particularly slim fitting skirt we may advise you to order the next size up for a better fit.)  
  You can place your order in the size you believe best represents your measurements, we will contact you if there may be a need to confirm your measurements or recommend a difference size based on the specific style you are ordering.  
  You should have someone else measure you and then choose the size that represents the LARGEST measurement on the chart.  
  Click here for detailed measuring instructions  
    You should have a friend, family member or, for the best results, a professional seamstress/tailor take your measurements.    
    Taking your own measurements will almost always result in inaccuracies.    
    It's best to be measured wearing the exact undergarments, slip, and shoes you'll be wearing.    
    Designers determine their size by the bust, waist, and hip measurements. Some will also include a "Hollow to Hem" measurement; this is the measurement from the base of the neck (hollow of the neck) to the bottom of the hem.    
    Use ONLY a standard cloth measuring tape. Do not pull the tape tightly; it should be just tight enough to stay in place.    
    Taking the Bust Measurements    
    1. Stand straight with your heels together and your arms down at your side.    
    2. Position the measuring tape so that it covers the widest part of your back and the fullest part of your bust.    
    Taking the Waist Measurements    
    1. Standing straight, bend to your side. The bend is your natural waist.    
    2. Stand straight and keep your heels together.    
    3. Place the measuring tape around your natural waist.    
    Taking the Hip Measurements    
    1. Stand straight with your heels together and your arms down at your side.    
    2. Position the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips.    
    Once you have taken your measurements, refer to the designer's size chart that applies to your garment. The designers' size charts show the approximate measurements they use to make each size. Compare your measurements to the size chart to determine the correct size.      
    If you cannot match your exact measurements to all three measurements indicated on the designer's size chart we suggest ordering according to the largest measurement. Remember, garments can be taken in, but taking them out depends on the seam allowances which, in most cases, are very slim.