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4 Pre-Wedding Workouts to Show off your Dream Dress

Terry Costa

Few moments in wedding planning are as special as finding your dream dress. Still, the thrill of finding ‘the one’ can be overshadowed with anxiety about looking perfect in your perfect wedding gown.

Most brides, even the health nuts, get a little more conscious about what they’re putting in their bodies and how they’re working them out. Leading up to the big day, you too may decide to concentrate your workouts and maximize your efforts.

Here’s a collection of confidence-boosting, pre-wedding workouts organized by dress type - all designed to showcase your wedding gown’s silhouette.

Ball Gown and Two Piece Wedding Dresses

Flowing, layered, and beautiful on brides of all sizes, this impressive silhouette is known as the queen of curves. Two piece wedding dresses on the other hand, are off-the-charts popular among trendy brides whose first love will forever be fashion.

For both of these lovely looks the waist is definitely the main attraction. All the more reason to focus your exercises around the midsection, or as we like to say, “little in the middle but she got much gown.” 

There’s one exercise that works your core like no other can: a plank. We know what you’re thinking, “Planks are modern forms of torture. Period.” Well, you’re not entirely wrong. However, just a few of them, say 3 rounds of 45 second holds, a few days a week is definitely enough for you to start seeing a big change.

Plus, there are so many ways to plank. At least you never have to worry about getting bored. Start with a traditional side and hip plank. Once you get your footing you can add leg lifts and to deepen the stretch.

Low Back Wedding Dresses

You’ll be hard pressed to find a silhouette that’s as sophisticated and sexy as low back wedding dresses. This grandmother-approved wedding dress style strikes a perfect balance of chic and cheeky. Plus, we can’t resist a lace long sleeve wedding dress. Can you?

Prior to trying on wedding dresses, working out the muscles in your back may have been an afterthought. But if you plan on wearing a low back wedding dress at your ceremony, you know how important it is.

Fortunately, simple movements like rowing can whip those muscles into shape. Deadlifting is also impactful, but better to do in the company of a professional trainer. Last thing you want is to have trouble walking down the aisle on your big day. 

Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dresses

Plan on wearing a strapless sweetheart wedding dress to marry your sweetheart? They’re a classic silhouette and are almost universally flattering.

How do you improve upon near perfection? Start by giving some extra attention to your arms, shoulders, and bust.

The best way to target this key muscle group is to perform your workouts on an incline. Dumbbells are your best friend during this time. Focus on one arm at a time to really get the most out of your workouts.

You can also skip the weights altogether and use your own gravitational force. Wall stands or push ups will go a long way in your journey to the aisle.

Short Wedding Dresses

Some wedding dresses beg to show a little leg. Time to kick up the cardio. Whether you pound the pavement or squat and lunge your way into forever, all you really need is your own body weight to shape up. Reverse lunges can help you target additional muscle groups and you might also consider investing in an inexpensive resistance band to get your glutes involved!

If you do nothing else, focus on your posture at. all. times. Take deep intentional breaths and imagine pulling your belly button in toward your spine. Keep your head high and your shoulders back, remembering the happiness that’s at the end of the aisle waiting for you.