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6 Signs You’re About to Get Engaged

Terry Costa

Most engagements are somewhat of a surprise. But regardless of how you plan to answer when asked, few of us want to be completely taken off guard.

Let’s say you’ve already talked about marriage and know you’re both on the same page. Great! Knowing the signs you’re about to get engaged will help you make sure your hands are perfectly manicured and you have your dream engagement dress pressed and ready.

Noticing your S.O. acting a little off lately? See if any of these six engagement signs sound familiar. If so, they may be planning to pop the question.

1.         Generalized nervousness. Symptoms like agitation and mild anxiety are pretty common in the weeks leading up to a proposal. If you’re feeling some emotional distance between you and your partner, don’t panic or assume you’re about to break up. Check to see if they need support dealing with other stressors like work, family, or finances before jumping to any conclusions.

2.         Tighter budgets. Speaking of finances, most of us have a particular set of spending habits we more or less stick to each month. Deviating from the norm usually dovetails with major life changes like a new job, unexpected bill, or, dare we say, proposal! Are you noticing your sweetie saving more than normal? Are they suddenly sticking to a more restrictive budget? If so, they may be squirreling money away for a ring.

3.         Family time. The family of your future fiancé is an important part of your long-term partnership. Leading up to a proposal you might notice you and your partner spending more and more time with the would-be in-laws. This could be a way to ensure there’s compatibility with your family, too. You might also listen for any mention of calls, texts, or emails between your partner and your parents. One of those just might be a “can I have their hand in marriage” convo. Same goes for correspondence with your friends. They could be planning a surprise with the help of your besties.

4.         Jewelry interest. You may observe covert and overt interest in your current collection. Anything from snooping in your jewelry box to missing rings are sneaky signs you’re about to get engaged. Some of the more obvious clues include questions about your preferences, opinions about other people’s rings, and pointed conversations about things like vintage rings, ethical stones, and which metals work best with your skin tone.

5.         Future talk. Do the two of you daydream about your first home together? What would it be like to raise a family? The perfect wedding playlist? Whatever your version of “the future” is, the more often it comes up in conversation, the more likely you are close to getting engaged.

6.         Special occasions and trips. There are certain times of year that reliably populate social media feeds with engagement updates (think, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentines Day). But special occasions within your own family like anniversaries, birthdays, etc are prime proposal prompts. Or, if your lover is normally a home body and suddenly plans a romantic trip out of nowhere, best to pack some engagement dresses just in case.

Taking the plunge can be scary but so rewarding if you’re ready. If not, make sure to keep the lines of communication open to avoid any unnecessary heartache down the road. When you decide you’re ready to start wedding dress shopping, you know where to find us.