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Terry Costa Coupons and Discounts

Ever stared at a price tag and wondered how the store decided on a certain dollar amount? Allow us to demystify that process a bit.
Believe it or not, Terry Costa isn’t solely responsible for setting our own wedding gown and prom dress prices. We, like most dress stores, are held to strict pricing regulations in the industry. It starts with the designers. They charge a premium for their creative output. Later, the suppliers who furnish the fabrics and manufacturers who make the dresses add their fees. As the distributors, the prices are set long before they ever reach our store.
It’s partially done as a way to keep costs uniform throughout the country. It’s also the reason we don't offer coupons or discount codes for prom and wedding dresses. However, our experienced buyers work hard to find you the best dresses at the best value.  If two designers offer dresses that are very similar in style at differing price points, we will stock the lower priced dress to make sure all of our customers can have "Dreams Within Reach"
Additionally, we apply our industry sanctioned discounts by hosting in-store sales on formal gowns. That means as new lines come out, last season’s gowns can be marked down to make way for fresh designs. You can come in any day to browse our clearance rack for marked down dresses that we don’t/can’t always show online.
If you see other shops or sites whose discounted prices vastly differ from what we offer, utilize caution. Many counterfeit websites sell illegal, low-quality versions of the gowns we sell. Also, if you see sites offering coupons for Terry Costa, they are not real. (For more information, see our buyer beware page.)
If you’re looking for other safe ways to save on formalwear, keep track of our event page. We frequently host trunk shows that incentivize shoppers with in-store discounts.
In short, if you see heavily discounted dresses online, apply the old adage: “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Shopping with authorized retailers like Terry Costa means you’re buying authentic designer gowns and guarantees you get what you pay for.