2024 Prom Trends and FAQs

Published on: Thursday, January 6, 2022 14:01

Where has the year gone? Seems like just yesterday we were talking about homecoming. Now it’s already time to start planning for Prom 2024. 

We know how long you’ve been looking forward to the big dance. That’s why we’ve been closely following the prom dress trends 2024 will be defined by.

Whether you want to plan coordinating outfits with your besties or impress a certain sweetie, look to these popular 2024 prom dress styles. Like it, see it, buy it – on three! 

Bright Colors

Last year was bleak. It’s one reason 2024 prom dresses are all about color. Jewel tones like turquoise, emerald, and ruby are particularly popular. They’re also universally complementary to most complexions and coloring. 

No matter the mood you want to set or the emotions you want to convey, the color you choose communicates so much. For instance, neon pink dresses translate as bright and happy, the perfect fit for anyone ready to celebrate the most important night of their senior year. 

Butterfly Beauties 

Yes, you read that right. Butterfly prom dresses are going to be everywhere. These flights of fantasy have been spotted all over the runway. They’re also a totally symbolic way to mark the emergence from quarantine into adulthood. Where you were once cocooned inside your home, you can now spread your wings and show off your beautiful transformation. 

One-shoulder stunners 

One shoulder prom dresses never really went out of style, but this year they’re literally everywhere. No matter your body type, you can pretty much guarantee they’ll be fire. These classic cuts naturally draw the eye away from your lower body and upwards towards your neck. Time to showcase that face and really wow the crowd. 

Bring on the beading

Mark our words: all that glitters is going to turn heads. Think about it. What is prom other than an opportunity to literally shine in the spotlight? Trust us. You’re going to want to take advantage of the lighting at the dance. A heavily beaded prom dress is a sequined sensation – try one on, and you will be, too. 

Silk styles 

If you’re after something effortlessly elegant, a silk prom dress is definitely in the cards for you. They move with you, and cling in the most flattering spots as they do so. You’ll literally look good from every angle. The light fabric is also perfect for springtime. Just be sure your date doesn’t take you somewhere too messy for dinner. You’re going to want to keep this gown pristine, so you can wear it over and over again!  

90s bombshells 

Your TikTok will never be the same! This long two piece prom dress with 90s Versace nod is giving us serious 90s vibes. The high-slit is show stopping, while the fitted bodice accentuates your shape. It’s even accented with a fun designer inspired print! 

Cut-out cuties 

Cut-out prom dresses always have a way of showing the perfect amount of skin. If you’re looking for a dress that satisfies your parents’ wishes without compromising your personal style, stop right here and #LikeitSeeitBuyIt. Just be prepared to get stopped over and over again and answer questions about where you got your incredible look.

Sexy slits

Showstoppers only, please. Big slits are big time this year. Luckily, there are plenty of dresses that deliver on this jaw dropping detail. All you need to do now is decide how big you want to go. A modest slit on the back of your dress? Or a thigh slit that goes the whole nine yards? 

Prom in 2024 FAQ:

Whether you have an idea about which way you’re leaning, or still haven’t found the one, this Q +A can get you closer to your dream dress. 

  • What is the prom color for 2024? We have it on good authority that all shades of yellow will be front and center on prom dresses 2024. 
  • When should I buy my prom dress? I like it, see it, buy it too soon? If so, you’ll want to make sure you have your dress locked down no less than two months before the big dance. That way you have plenty of time to accessorize, decide what you want to do with your hair and makeup, and book any necessary appointments to bring it all together. 
  • Will prom 2024 happen? We know by now that no one is prom-ised tomorrow. But even if your prom goes virtual, it’s still likely to happen. Dress accordingly, beauties!
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