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We are accepting applications for our 2024 Spring Internship!

Terry Costa, the leading formal and bridal wear salons in in the nation (located in Dallas), is looking for interns for its paid Spring 2024 Internship.   The Terry Costa internship will provide real-world experience and knowledge in a hands-on, participatory retail environment. Interns will be trained on business operations, business and interview etiquette, customer service, buying, bridal sales, retail operations, website maintenance, social media and various aspects of sales and marketing. In addition, Terry Costa interns will be invited to attend the Apparel and Accessories markets held at the Dallas Market Center in March 2024. Terry Costa has dressed generations of brides, debutantes and beauty queens. This is a sterling opportunity to gain insider knowledge about fashion and retail from one of Dallas' most respected names in formal wear.

To apply or to get more information on the Terry Costa Spring internship, please contact 

  • Customer service
  • Formal wear and bridal buying
  • Product receiving
  • Market preparation, attendance and analysis
  • Marketing
  • Event planning
  • Online retailing
  • And much more!

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Important Dates

  • Orientation: November 29th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Training Day 1: December 4th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Training Day 2: December 6th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Testing/Floor Training: December 9th, 9:00am-6:00pm
  • Test Reviews: December 11th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
  • Q&A and Roleplay: December 13th, 6:00pm-9:00pm 
  • 2024 Spring Kick-off: January 6th

We are proud to say nearly every member of our Executive Team was once a Terry Costa Intern!  In addition, we have helped place many of our interns with reputable, outstanding companies.  When you bring a hard-working, self-starting attitude to our Terry Costa Team, we will do the same for you!

In Their Own Words: A Few Former Interns Share Their Experience

Ereshkigal Mikhlif
University of Texas at Dallas
Spring 2023

My internship at Terry Costa was an incredible experience. I began during my senior year of high school while participating in the GRCTC Fashion program, and it exceeded my expectations in terms of what I learned about fashion. I was so passionate about it, and this opportunity not only opened many doors for me but also led to a job during my freshman year of college at the University of Texas at Dallas. My time at Terry Costa equipped me with a wide range of skills, from providing exceptional customer service on the sales floor to understanding the financial aspects of running a business. I had the privilege of working with diverse customers and enjoyed the support and camaraderie of my coworkers. As my internship concluded, I felt well-prepared and confident in my retail expertise, looking forward to a promising career in the retail industry. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to learn and grow in this field.

Abir Merchant
University of North Texas
Spring 2023

Being a Terry Costa Intern was an experience that I will always be grateful for. Not only did I meet and work with some of the most amazing people, but I also learned so much about the fashion industry and how a business is run. I was provided with so many exciting opportunities, one of which was being able to attend bridal markets in Dallas. If you’re able to work well under pressure and are excited about helping people find the dress of their dreams, then Terry Costa is the right fit for you! 

Megan Jeter
Auburn University
Spring 2021

To be a Terry Costa Intern is to wear many hats. Each day will bring something new -- new faces, new dresses, new challenges. I did my internship in the Bridal department, where I was responsible for everything from registering the brides to styling them. I also worked very closely with the buying team in order to learn the business of running a business. Overall, the Terry Costa internship program provided me a well-rounded education in what it takes to work in the fashion industry, what’s necessary to run a business, and ultimately a full-time position following my graduation. I would highly recommend it!

Jade Mongo
Spring 2021

What was I to expect from an internship in a shop full of beautiful gowns? To be stunned daily by dress after dress? Yes. To have learned so much about styling and bringing an imagined look to life? Well, I would not have forseen that.The Terry Costa internship awakened and polished a skill set that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Not to mention, the connections and memories that you make on a day to day basis are absolutely worthwhile. 

Londyn Johnson
Spring 2021

When I applied to Terry Costa, I quite honestly was not aware that it was an internship. I was just looking for a job while I finished my last year of high school, however being accepted to Terry Costa as an intern was one of the best things that could’ve happened for me. I received training about things from sales, to fabrics, to merchandising. Being part of the Terry Costa team involved a lot of hard work because of the fast-paced environment, but it caused to have pride in the work that I was doing and incentivized me to do my job to the best of my ability.

Katarina Deweese
Spring 2021

I was looking for something fashion or business related to do during school to get me off the couch and the Terry Costa Internship fit perfectly! Not only did I learn about the side of fashion I was lost on, but also how to run a business. I learned more than I ever would have thought I could about fashion and how the world of evening wear works. I met great people and learned invaluable lessons about myself and the world I wanted to surround myself with. Quick paced and unforgettable!

Weslie Seal
Spring 2020

The internship program at Terry Costa was hands down the most valuable experience I’ve had for my career in sales. We went through extensive training about all aspects of sales - how to communicate with customers, product inventory, styling for different body types, market buying, product pricing, and much more. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was how to build relationships with customers, so they trust you and your opinions. It brings me joy to see my customers light up when they feel beautiful in their dress. Not only was this internship amazing experience for my career, it also brought me lifelong friends, one of which becoming my best friend. I completed the internship in 2020, but I have continuously come back throughout the years to help out. The environment feels like a family, and I truly enjoy the time I spend working at Terry Costa. 

Eliah Davila
University of North Texas
Spring 2018

My experience as a Terry Costa intern has given me more opportunities than I expected.  I needed guidance finishing my senior year and Terry Costa gave me the real life experience that every student needs. As a Marketing major I was able to make a connection between my education and interests. Throughout my internship I was given feedback on how to improve in all ways. I was able to gain the opportunity to represent Terry Costa in New York with the C.E.O of the company and other members of Terry Costa. I have networked with designers in the industry and also able to travel to Atlanta Market with a partnering design. I would not be given these opportunities anywhere else other than Terry Costa. I was fortunate enough to remain on the Terry Costa team beyond my internship. I am able to learn every day and continue to  reach my own goals through Terry Costa.


April Pulling
Texas Christian University
Summer 2012

As a Fashion Merchandising Major at TCU I was required to complete a summer internship that was relative to the fashion industry. Initially, I chose Terry Costa because I had a strong interest in the products they carried, such as bridal wear and evening wear.  Due to my strong desire to break into the buying sector of the fashion industry, I was given the greatest opportunities here at Terry Costa. At the start of my internship I was trained in every aspect of the company from selling, writing contracts, placing orders with the vendors directly, and product knowledge. In June, I was given the most amazing experience to join the Owner, CEO and Buyer, Tina Loyd, in New York to participate in the buying process. I learned more from my three month internship about the retail industry and more specifically, the business of an entrepreneurial retailer than I ever imagined possible. I gained an endless amount of positive qualities from my time at Terry Costa including product and managerial knowledge, professional experience and leadership skills. Although my internship was complete in August, I ended up staying on board with the company, and have been given more opportunities than I could have ever envisioned since then.


Ashlee Nance
University of North Texas
Fall 2010

I had such a wonderful experience interning at Terry Costa! While studying Fashion Merchandising at the University of North Texas, I was concerned about my lack of retail experience when it came time to find a job. At Terry Costa, I was taught a multitude of skills, from customer service on the sales floor and reception desk to first hand experience buying at the Dallas Market Center. Not to mention my coworkers who where so helpful and incredibly fun to work with. When my internship ended, I felt confident in my well rounded retail experience at Terry Costa and excited about my future in the retail industry.


Christina Towell 
University of North Texas
Spring 2008

I was the queen of procrastination when I applied for internships. I applied to two companies; a jewelry designer/wholesaler and Terry Costa. I was interviewed by both companies. To be honest, I really wanted the jewelry internship. However, only Terry Costa offered me an internship. I accepted and started my internship in Spring 2008. I was excited about learning as much as possible; as many facets as possible. The advantage about interning here is that you have the opportunity to learn about marketing, accounting, management, buying and many other things. What I have learned, and value the most is follow-up and follow-through, phone etiquette, to question, and to think for your self. All of these translate to my personal life as well. Not to mention, the wealth of knowledge of the whole team at Terry Costa is tremendous. Fun + Learning = Terry Costa.


Kara Ann Young
Fall 2004

My semester internship with Terry Costa was a once in a lifetime experience. From shopping at the apparel mart, to placing reorders, to helping customers out on the sales floor – I gained a wealth of knowledge into how to own and run a small business. From the day I walked into the door I was allowed to ask any question I wanted and was involved in many important decision-making processes. This learning process was one I would have never received anywhere else, and the amount of information that I leave with will help me as I further my career. Terry Costa’s group is a dynamic team, and I was so very privileged to be a part of it for a semester.


Kristin Matthews
University of North Texas
Spring 2003

I learned a tremendous amount coming in and not knowing how a business runs; you can’t help but pick it up fast here. My experience was filled with a variety of experiences, and I learned how to apply skills in many different ways.


Misty Capps
University of North Texas
Summer 2003

I had an amazing experience here at Terry Costa. When I first got hired to do my internship here I was not sure how I was going to like it, what responsibilities I would have, and had no clue as to what the people would be like here. I have been more than blessed to land such an awesome internship and feel that Terry Costa and the staff has exceeded any expectation I ever had for this internship. I had the chance to do so much and work with some truly amazing ladies. I feel that I gained so much knowledge about Terry Costa and the way their business works. I had a wide range of responsibilities here and all of them seemed so helpful and useful towards my future in the fashion industry. I truly cannot express how much I enjoyed this internship and the experience I gained from working at Terry Costa.


Jessica Shaw
University of Texas, Dallas
Summer 2003

Starting the internship at Terry Costa it was hard for some people to link fashion to my Degree in Economics and Finance. But this summer I learned more about running a business then I probably have learned my entire student life; from the basics of finance to the retention of customers through promotion (sales), special events (bridal fairs, and specialized conventions/seminars) and even throwing cocktail parties for the VIP customers. I learned more about how the economy and the market play a huge factor in what clothing is made from and how shopping trends are affected. I learned about the different needs of customers and how generations have different views on clothing. Terry Costa does a great job in researching trends and customer buying habits to ensure that customers will always find what styles they are looking for in every price range (price points). The employees are very supportive and willing to help you understand what is needed to run a business and help you succeed. Running a company was a lot more involved than I could have imagined.


Alicia Smith
Brookhaven College
Summer 2003

As a Fashion Marketing student at Brookhaven College, I had no idea where my fashion degree would take me. As every girl’s dream, I wanted to be in the world of fashion, but where did I begin? With the help of a professor and an open position at Terry Costa, I finally figured out where my degree was taking me. Through the internship, I learned many great aspects of the fashion industry all in one place. From going to market where it all begins to actually selling on the floor. (I think I did a little of everything!!) It was a great experience that led me to be a part of many special events and promotions. Now, through working at Terry Costa as an intern and bridal consultant, I have found my passion in the fashion world. Thanks to Terry Costa’s intern program I found that special event coordinating is something I could make a career of. I have chosen to begin a journey in the wedding consulting business. It is a great place to get exceptional experience in the industry as well as make life long friends.


Natalie Roberts
University of North Texas
Summer 2003

My internship at Terry Costa was a wonderful learning experience. From the beginning I was involved in daily tasks and assignments. I also aided in the organizing and execution of special events. Interns participate in many activities that each lend to their education and experience in varying ways. In addition, professional and personal skills are developed where applicable in the work place. Through my internship with Terry Costa I will take away many skills that will aid me in my career. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great learning experience and a great company.


Kelly Cours
University of North Texas
Summer 2003 – Fall 2003

My internship experience at Terry Costa has been an invaluable part of my career. It gave me the building blocks I needed and the taught me to be confident in my journey. Working in all areas of the retail business: sales, cashiering, promotions, assistant buying, accounting, bridal, special ordering, customer service and relations, as well as working with a number of people - all with different personalities, has made me a stronger person - both professionally and personally. For anyone searching for a challenging internship in the industry, Terry Costa will offer that and more.


Pamela Walls
Stephen F. Austin
Fall 2003

When I originally heard about the Terry Costa internship I was apprehensive due to the fact it was for an unpaid position. But, no amount of money could account for what I have learned from this experience. I was able to go to the Dallas Market my first day there, with Terry Costa, herself, and Hollie McLauchlin (now Hollie Higgins), which in itself was more than I could have ever hoped for. It was incredible to watch and talk with Terry at market, very few people get to have the opportunity to learn and actually speak with such a successful and wonderful woman. I also got to speak daily with vendors, as well as analyze trends in the store and determine when and what merchandise was needed. My ideas and thoughts not only counted at Terry Costa, but they were encouraged. It was definitely the experience of a lifetime!


Ashley Fisher
Texas Christian University
Fall 2003

Interning at Terry Costa gave me the opportunity to completely experience retail. Participating in the buying, special ordering, customer service, and event planning gave me a better understanding of the ways to run a business. Learning the “ins” and “outs” of a store is important as well as always following through with the customer. I learned it is important to know what the potential customer is always looking for. Most of all, if a dress sells - reorder it!


Lauren Thompson
Wade College
October 2001 – January 2003

Interning for Terry Costa has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learned about the real world of the fashion industry, and I know that I am better prepared for my future in merchandising. At Terry Costa, I did everything from administrative tasks, to helping make ad campaign decisions, to attending market at the International Apparel Mart in Dallas. I also learned what it was like to work with a team of wonderful employees. Years from now I will still reap the rewards from this worthwhile internship. My internship turned into a full-time employment opportunity after I graduated. Terry Costa continues to strengthen my confidence, abilities and opportunities. After I moved, my contacts through Terry Costa helped me find employment elsewhere.


Melanie Aiona
Southwest Texas
Summer 2001

Not knowing what to expect being an intern at Terry Costa, I was pleasantly surprised to find an internship where all different aspects of the fashion industry were utilized on a daily basis. Interning here at Terry Costa, I attended market in Dallas, assisted the buyer in contacting vendors, placed orders, directed fashion shows for the store, planned special events, and most importantly, had the best time doing all of this! Watching a buyer work her magic at market is something you can’t read about in books; you have to experience it. The same goes for the business experiences I gained here. Being a fashion merchandising major, having hands-on experience was important to my future, and working for Terry Costa solidified that for me. I’m so confident in my abilities because I interned here! And I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work for about two years full-time as Terry Costa’s Bridal Coordinator after I graduated. The internship at Terry Costa helped me grow as a student, as an employee, and as a person. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!


Hollie Higgins
Texas Tech University
Terry Costa Internship Program Founder

While in college, I completed four internships of all calibers. Other members of our management team did as well, some even here at Terry Costa. As a result, our management team recognizes how important it is for students to learn, experience and grow through hands- on experiences with customers and management. If you are looking for exposure to a wide variety of the elements of business and the retail industry, look no further. You won’t find yourself stuck on the floor everyday. You won’t find yourself doing the same thing everyday. What you will find is a wealth of opportunities to make a difference, manage change and grow towards your goals. You simply can’t beat this opportunity and experience!

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