Best Homecoming Dress Colors of 2024

Published on: Thursday, July 21, 2022 14:43

Your favorite color says a lot about you. Find yourself gravitating towards red and you might be described as passionate or confident. If blue is more your speed, you could be empathetic or spiritual. 

It’s also well-documented that different colors can bring up certain emotions. If you’re as interested in which homecoming dress colors match your personality as much as they complement your hair and eye coloring, check out these 2024 trendsetters! 

Teal Homecoming Dresses

With a mix of blue and green, teal mimics ocean waters and tropical scenes. It’s seen as a unique shade that evokes elegance and a sense of rejuvenation. 

Sherri Hill Dress 55153

Like the sparkling waters of a sunset-kissed shore, this sexy short, sequin homecoming dress is an instant classic. Perfect for Homecoming 2024, style 55153 is fresh off Sherri Hill's Fall 2024 Homecoming Dress Collection. It’s effortlessly cool with a strappy open back that’s sure to turn heads. 

Sherri Hill Dress 55302

Not sure you can commit to a single color? We feel that. Sherri Hill style 55302 can give you the ombre edge you’re craving. This one shoulder long sleeve cocktail dress has movable sequins that take you on a color adventure. They perfectly cascade from teal to green-gold, balancing the dimension like a wave in the ocean. 

Sherri Hill Dress 55143

We’re predicting that this one-shoulder teal homecoming dress will be the favorite of Hoco queens everywhere. What’s not to love about style 55143 from Sherri Hill's Fall ‘22 Collection? It’s the perfect combination of fun and flirty, with diagonal sequin streaks to flatter your frame and a short fringe hemline that moves as well as you do. Want to rock your entrance? You know what to do. 

Royal Homecoming Dresses

Invigorating yet tranquil, royal blue is a rich, dynamic shade that’s going to be absolutely everywhere this fall. 

Sherri Hill Dress Style 55211

The color draws you in, but it’s the fit on Sherri Hill style 55211 that really holds your attention. Lovingly crafted to hug your midline and show off your curves, this one shoulder neckline continues down the rouched bodice, taking the eye with it. And as for the back: if you like yours open and unique, you have to see this three strap peek-a-boo back in person. Perfect for accessory queens who want to dress it up and make it their own. 

Sherri Hill Dress Style 55127

Between its all over sequin coating, one shoulder strap, and unique back, this A line is an A+. Sherri Hill sure knew what she was doing when she designed style 55127. Forgiving where you need it, flattering where you want it, this go-to gown is likely to utterly redefine homecoming 2022. Oh, and did we mention how hard we’re crushing on the thin, horizontal double back straps?! 

La Femme style 29260

This rich, eye-catching color is almost universally complimentary. A ruched vision with thin spaghetti straps that continue across the criss cross back, La Femme style 29260 slays in every way. Shimmer jersey fabric helps keep things comfortable as you move to the beat. Keep it near the front of your closet, because trust us, this is one you’re going to want to wear every chance you get.

Red Homecoming Dresses

Exciting and energetic, red dresses are in a category all on their own. The color has long been linked with love, passion, and high fashion. 

Sherri Hill Dress Style 55104

Capture the intrigue of an exotic flower or rare bird in this red, feather-accented homecoming dress. Style 55104 is everything you love about Sherri Hill in one gown: sexy deep v-neckline, crystal-studded lace bodie, cold-shoulder silhouette, criss cross open back. Except this time, the feather shoulder accents are here to take your look to new heights. 

Red Sherri Hill Dress 55098

Short and sultry, Sherri hill style 55098 is everything you love about Hoco 2022 fashion. The structured neckline, thin straps, and mini hemline make this stunner an insta classic. Just wait until you see the attention it gets once this beaut hits your feed! 

Sherri Hill Style 55147

Serving up sassy realness, style 55147 from Sherri Hill's 2024 Homecoming Dress collection is meant to be photographed. But don’t let that hem fringe go to waste. This red-hot rebel was made to move! Try it on and test it out with a boomerang or two to see just how much fun the crimson siren can be. 

Whichever shade you select, make it a Terry Costa gown. Each of these trendy homecoming dresses is sure to color you fabulous. 

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