Published on: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 06:00

More than your wedding dress, more than your venue, your wedding colors communicate so much about your personal style. From fresh and fun shades to elegant and sophisticated hues, they truly set the mood your impending nuptials.   

Nowhere will your colors be more evident than when you are at the alter, surrounded by your beautiful bridesmaids.

What do you want your wedding colors to say in this all eyes on you moment?

Start by selecting at least one primary color. From there it will be easier to decide on your supporting shades. Here are a few trending bridesmaid dress color combinations to get you inspired!

Bubbly Blues 

Keeping things soft and ethereal is easily accomplished with a mint color bridesmaid dress. These feminine shades are especially popular among contemporary weddings. Pairs well with a variety of complementary colors like muted pinks, warm neutrals and rich plums.

Cheeky Coral 

Brides that believe brighter is better are naturally drawn to flashy colors like coral. You can keep things punchy by outfitting the rest of your bridesmaids in unique neons like chartreuse, playful purples and buxom blues.

Timeless Taupe 

For a completely classy coupling, test out some timeless taupe troops. They look great with greys and whispers of white. These hushed hues are sure to capture some attention without stealing the show. Delicate, chic and easy to pair with, these understated beauties set the mood for any ceremony.

Sweetly Salmon 

Lovely, luminous and light-hearted, salmon and overtly orange bridesmaid gowns are jovial and perfect for the happiest day of your life. Adding a softer shade in with eye-catching aquamarine and turquoise makes for a jaunty bunch that’s sure to have your guests all smiles.

Yowza Yellow 

Fresh and flowery, sunny yellows are a glistening way to help your bridal party glow on your wedding day. This stylish shade looks great next to an array of colors. Pretty periwinkles, blue greens and orangey pinks are perfect for your line up.

When you want to add some dimension to your bridal party, try layering complementary colored bridesmaid dresses that match each maiden’s unique personality.

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