Your Guide to Finding Your Dream Prom Dress

Published on: Thursday, March 17, 2022 10:19

It’s never too early to start thinking about prom. If you’re like us, that usually begins by visualizing your perfect prom dress. Whether you already have a clear picture or things are still coming into focus, these prom dress tips can help you make it a reality.

Dress for you

First things first, you’re not just after a dress. You’re searching for the dress. The one that’s perfect for you, your personality, and your body type.

Sure, you want something flattering, but you also need a dress that encourages you to love your figure – no matter the shape! Your perfect prom dress isn’t the one that hides all the things that bother you about your body. It’s the one that complements the uniqueness of your frame and brings out your inner confidence.

Sometimes, that means passing on some of the trends, and finding a prom dress that can capture your individual charm.

Try on More Than One Style

That being said, if you find yourself gravitating to a certain silhouette, don’t pass it up! Just make sure you stay open to different cuts that might also work with your features.

For example, mermaid cut prom dresses are known to highlight the waist area and accentuate the hips. They’re the perfect mix of fitted and flared. On the opposite end, prom dresses with full skirts like ballgown styles can bring a nice balance to the body. For petite prom goers who want to give the illusion of height, shorten that shirt and show a little leg. When in doubt, you can easily define your waist in a universally flattering A-line silhouette.

Whichever you choose, be sure to test out how the dress moves. You want it to be fitted, but not overly tight. Comfortable but not too casual. Feel free to put on your headphones, cue up your favorite jam, and take it for a spin around the “dancefloor” before you commit!

Know your Coloring

Once you’ve settled on a silhouette, concentrate on color. Any style you select probably comes in a variety of them. It’s a key part of knowing how to find the right prom dress, so try to pick a shade that plays well with your own coloring. That way, you’ll be sure to complement the color of your hair, eyes, and skin tone in the process. Because nobody likes to feel washed out!

Remember that colors can impact your mood as much as how the dress looks. Bright colors are cheery and attention-grabbing. Darker colors and jewel tones emit elegance. Pure white – standout sophistication. And nothing says special like metallics.

Don’t forget about patterns and animal prints either. They’re a bold choice that will absolutely set you apart from the crowd and showcase your personality in the process.

Don’t Wait too Long to get Started!

Do yourself a huge favor. Start the process ASAP. Leaving plenty of time to decide so you’re not rushed into buying something you don’t absolutely love is a key part of understanding how to choose a prom dress. Don’t be surprised if you go back to the store and try on dresses more than once or spend several weeks shopping online for a prom dress before you find the right one.

If you do buy a prom dress online, keep in mind that some stores may need a bit of time to ship your order to you. That goes double for TC Exclusives dresses. Buying early allows you some time to accessorize and plan out any alterations that are needed.

And if you’re worried about ordering online, don’t be. At Terry Costa, returns are easy for website orders, so whether it’s a sizing issue or you simply change your mind about the color, we can help you exchange your prom dress for the perfect one. No fuss.

Prom Dress Shopping FAQ

  • How do I know my prom dress color? Base your prom dress color on one that complements your eyes, skin, and hair. That will be different for each person’s individual combination.
  • Where to find the perfect prom dress? Shopping online with Terry Costa gives you access to the latest, trendist prom styles. You can also shop in person at our Dallas location.
  • How to pick a prom dress for your body type? A-line dresses are a great way to flatter any figure, but the best way to dress for your body type is to pick the style that makes you feel most confident. Focus on one area you’d like to highlight, and pick your silhouette based on that. Take this quiz to learn more!
  • What color prom dress suits my skin tone? In general, you want to counterbalance your skin tone with your prom dress color. Avoid shades that are too close to your skin or you could end up looking washed out.

Now that you know how to find the perfect prom dress, shop Terry Costa online, walk in or make an appointment, or contact us to help you lock down your perfect prom look!

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