How To Make The Most Of Prom Night

Published on: Monday, February 28, 2022 10:30

Spring will be here before we know it, and for high school seniors, it’ll be a season of milestones: finalizing college selections, graduation, and, of course, the “crown jewel” of many teens’ high school experience: prom!

At Terry Costa, we offer an amazing selection of gorgeous prom dresses from some of the hottest designers on the market. Our goal is for you to turn heads and feel amazing from the moment you walk into the venue! However, we also understand that looking good is only part of having a wonderful prom experience. Prom tips, prom advice—whatever you want to call it, here’s our suggestions for how to have the best prom

If you CAN do something in advance, then go ahead and do it.
Obviously, there are some things that you won’t be able to do until it’s almost time to go. For example, you can’t really get your makeup done the day before prom, and—depending on your chosen style—you might not be able to get your hair done that early, either. But it’s definitely possible to do things like make sure your dress is ready, check that your jewelry is in order, and verify plans for getting pictures taken and securing rides. Your nails can also be done in advance, too, especially if you opt for long-lasting gel or dip manicures, and definitely DON’T leave dress fitting or repairs for the absolute last minute!

The hours leading up to the dance can be a bit of a whirlwind, and some folks make the mistake of coming up with a prom to-do list that leaves absolutely no room for error. And that means that when one appointment runs long, or there’s an unforeseen obstacle, or something falls through, you have no wiggle room, and everything else is thrown off. This will, in turn, lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety, when you should instead be focused on how to have fun at prom. You can save a surprising amount of time and energy by spreading out your preparations over the course of a couple days. 

Have a “disaster kit” on hand.
Whether it’s a busted seam, a torn-off dress embellishment, a ripped hem, or something else entirely, “wardrobe malfunctions” can happen at any time. However, when they occur during a formal event that’s supposed to last several hours, they’re especially distressing. The best thing you can do, then, is be prepared. A simple safety pin can be a lifesaver when you need a quick repair. So can fast-drying liquid thread glue, double-sided “fashion tape”, or even a pocket-sized sewing kit with thread in a neutral color (or that matches your outfit). Stain removal pens can help you recover from food spills during dinner, too.

Another thing to consider: keep some disaster supplies in your evening bag, and not only will you be able to remedy your own dress if you find yourself in a tight spot, you may become a prom “angel” who saves someone else’s evening. “Fixing a loose button on their outfit” is a great answer to the question of “How to be a good prom date”…and offering a safety pin is a fabulous way to come to the rescue of another girl in the bathroom who’s crying because her spaghetti strap snapped!

Remember that prom is what YOU make it.
Here’s the thing: movies, TV shows, and other media outlets have a tendency to portray prom as the most magical night of a young person’s life. And while prom is definitely important, and it should be fun and special…it’s also not the be-all, end-all, only thing you’ll remember or treasure about your teen years.

In other words, you shouldn’t do things you’re not really interested in just because you think that that’s what a person is supposed to do at prom, nor should you think that, if absolutely everything doesn’t go according to plan, you’ve failed and should be upset. Having a “Perfection or bust!” mindset will likely just result in stress and disappointment…and you may inadvertently spoil your friends’ or date’s night by being a “Promzilla.” Instead, focus on having fun, looking your best, and feeling great. If you have a good attitude, then wonderful memories will almost certainly be the end result!


What should I do the night before prom?
The night before prom, double-check your dress for any issues, including wrinkles, stains, stray threads, and loose buttons or embellishments. Verify that your jewelry is clean and ready-to-go (e.g., make sure that those rhinestones are polished and silver and gold-alloy jewelry are free of tarnish). If you’re doing your hair and makeup at home, take inventory of your cosmetics and tools; you don’t want to find out an hour before time-to-go that your curling iron is busted. Manicures and pedicures should also be completed the day before prom, or earlier, if possible. Most importantly of all, get a good night’s sleep, since you have a big day tomorrow!

What should you not do for prom?
Don’t wear a dress or shoes that are uncomfortable or limit your movement, no matter how cute they are. Don’t feel obligated to engage in activities that you’re not comfortable with, even if your friends or date are pressuring you. And definitely DON’T eat any foods that you know will give you gas or other digestive issues—a churning tummy is a bad accessory, especially when you’re on a packed dance floor!

What are some prom night essentials?
Your evening bag should contain a “disaster kit” that includes safety pins, fast-drying liquid thread glue, double-sided “fashion tape”, and a stain-removal pen. If you’re particularly crafty, you might also want a pocket-sized sewing kit. It’s also good to have a little ibuprofen or acetaminophen to combat cramps or headaches, and maybe some small adhesive bandages in case you or someone in your group get new-shoe blisters. And, of course, some mint-flavored gum or breath mints can help ensure that any close conversations with friends (or smooches with your date!) are fresh and pleasant, especially after dinner.

How can I make my prom more fun?
Try not to stress so much about having a “perfect” evening; have a sense of humor about mishaps and roll with the punches. Plan things in advance (e.g., rides, after-prom plans, expectations for how late you’ll be out) so that no one is surprised or feels left out. And do your best to leave any and all drama at the door! Personal issues (especially when it comes to friends and relationships) will still be there in the morning, so on prom night, just put it on the backburner! 

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