How To Steal Your Favorite Celeb's 2021 Grammy Dress

Published on: Friday, March 26, 2021 02:30

Every spring the Grammys awards set the pace for the hottest prom dress trends. Even though this year’s ceremonies were a little different (looking at you, COVID), there were still plenty of celebrities who turned out jaw-dropping looks (hi, Taylor). 

It’s nice to know that even while much of the world is out of whack, some things, like Grammys fashion, don’t change. 

8.8 million people tuned in to watch, down from 18 million just one year ago. If you were one of the 10 or so million who missed it, meet the game-changing Grammy awards dresses that will have you singing. 


Taylor Swift’s Floral Frock

Photo: @taylorswift Instagram

How did she know we needed a little spring in our lives? This 41-time nominee and 11-time Grammy winner was in full bloom as the accepted the Album of the Year award at the 2021 Grammys. This long sleeve, sheer floral is a favorite among her many memorable Grammy gowns. The Grammy dress is totally ‘Folklorian’ in honor of the title of her new record. And wouldn’t you know, of course she came complete with a floral print face mask to match. 

How to get the look: Let your floral flag fly in this strapless satin Sherri Hill prom dress. Complete with 3D floral appliques, it mirrors Taylor’s textured dress and overall spring vibes. 

Jhene Aiko’s Giant Pink Ballgown

Photo: @jheneaiko Instagram 

Ok, real talk. Can you believe she almost wore a little black dress instead of this impressive pink cloud?! This year’s Grammy awards fashion just wouldn’t have been the same without this standout gown. It actually reminds us of another Grammy dress we drooled over a few years back. Anyone remember Rhianna’s 2015 Grammy look? Same pink puffball silhouette and textured tulle. Songbird Ariana Grande wore a similar style last year, too. 

How to get the look: Pink, strapless, and with the same multi-dimensional tulle appliques, this Sherri Hill glamazon is only for those who are comfortable being the definitive center of attention. Seriously, if you’re looking to steal the spotlight, this is your dress. 

Megan Thee Stallion’s Orange Crush

Photo: @ theestallion Instagram

Meg’s satin orange shocker was hands down one of the best Grammy dresses of the night. After she bagged her third Grammy, the people she really wanted to thank were her haters. Standing there in a shock of orange and an oversized bow around back, she’s proof that nothing can hold you back when you harness your talents and believe in yourself. 

How to get the look: Though Megan’s Grammy outfit is a little more unbridled, you can get a tamed down version in this yellow satin Sherri Hill dress. It features a similar thigh slit and sweeping train. You know, so your haters have something to stare at as you walk away. 

Maren Morris’ Red Satin Performance Dress

Photo: @ marenmorris Instagram

Talk about Grammy red carpet dresses, this red rose takes the gold. You’ll recognize her outfit as the one she wore to perform her hit single “The Bones” with an assist from the one and only John Mayer. Even if you’re not a country fan, this dress is enough to make you think twice about pigeonholing the genre. 

How to get the look: Sherri Hill makes a spaghetti strap satin prom dress that is almost identical to this sensation. As far as prom and Grammy dresses go, it’s an elegant classic that won’t ever go out of style. 

Maren Morris’ Periwinkle Red Carpet Dress

Dresses at the Grammys don’t always warrant a second look. This one’s an exception. As the only nominee to appear twice on our list of Best Dresses from the Grammys, we’re giving Maren a standing ovation for her Grammy fashions. Makes sense that a Texas gal would win us over two times in a single night. Fun fact: after this picture was taken, Maren went to feed her son. Tear! Talk about touching! 

How to get the look: Copying dresses from the Grammys is easy when you have a lovely La Femme lookalike. This one’s complete with a flattering ruched top and a cute strappy back. The Jersey material helps it move like a dream. 

Dresses from the Grammy awards get prettier and prettier every year. And no matter which Grammys dresses you want to emulate, Terry Costa has you covered. You can make an appointment by contacting us directly, or just walk ins. So throw on a mask and come find the dress! 

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