Published on: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 02:30

And the winner is…you! That is if you choose a pageant gown that compliments your personality, shows off your essence and flatters your figure. Have questions about how to pick a winning pageant dress? We’ve got answers from the experts: 

What’s the best color pageant dress?

When it comes to winning a pageant, evening gown colors are critical. Historically, more winners wear white pageant dresses than any other color. However, they’re not the only option and pageant winners have donned just about every color under the sun. To give yourself the best chance at winning, go with a more neutral hue like pastels and pinks, or own your confidence in a bold gem colored or red gown. When in doubt, darker shades like navy and black pageant dresses are fail proof.

Which pageant dress should I wear for my body type? 

You’ve heard us talk before about formal dresses for your body type. We still maintain the opinion that colors and lines are the easiest ways to help you highlight your frame’s top selling points. For instance, darker shades slenderize while brighter colors have the ability to fill you out.

Further, since the eye will closely follow the direction of the lines on your gown, you can use them to accentuate or camouflage. Vertical stripes or darting will give you added height and shrink your silhouette. Horizontal lines can help add gentle curves to rectangular figures.

What pageant dress fabrics and styles are most flattering?

Velvet, satin, lace, chiffon and tulle all help disguise figure flaws. Just make sure the patterns are simple and avoid too much distraction. You want the judges to be focused on you as a contestant and not your gown. Avoid details at the dress’ hem and waist, which can halt a judge’s view before he or she gets to your face. Instead, look for ways to draw the eye up and search for styles that help frame your face.

How can my pageant dress help me show off my best features? 

If you do nothing else, make sure your dress somehow enhances and brings attention to your face. This alone will have the greatest impact on your chance of winning. Be aware that the eye will naturally flow to the dress’ detailing so make sure it centers on a feature you’re most comfortable with or appears uniformly all over. Keep flourishes far away from problem areas that you’d rather conceal.

Can a pageant dress make me look taller or shorter? 

Yes! Choosing a monochromatic color scheme that stretches from neckline to shoes is the best way to lengthen your frame. Off one shoulder gowns do too, but avoid a thigh slit. Conversely, color blocking with contrasting shades will cut your figure and give the illusion of being slightly shorter.

Your pageant gown says more about you as a contestant than any other look you wear on stage. Pick the right one and the dress could just be memorialized among Miss USA winners. 

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