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In the plant and animal kingdom, Mother Nature uses color to help attract partners, pollinate and keep the species going. Colors can also intimidate larger species and help creatures find their community.

Humans get to adorn the colors of their choice, though some of us may not realize that the rules still apply. While you might not have too many outright predators in high school, most everyone is looking for their squad, and the colors you wear could influence things.

Do you know what that little black dress or sweet green off the shoulder number are relaying? Is it helping your chances of attracting your crew or catching the eye of a certain cutie? Does it show the world that you’re a sensitive artist or an independent leader?

The homecoming dress you choose will ideally boost your confidence and outwardly reflect a piece of your individuality. Give the color wheel a spin and read up on what your homecoming dress of choice may be saying about you.


Dresses L to R: Sherri HillScalaFavina

You are passionate, bold and not afraid to speak your mind. Action-oriented, you prefer to squeeze every drop out of life and don’t mind all eyes on you. As a natural extrovert you have no trouble walking up and introducing yourself. On homecoming night, your group likely has you to thank for organizing the evening and making sure everyone is having the time of their lives!


Dresses L to R: Mon CheriDave and JohnnyMori Lee

During the school year you may be a bit of a bookworm, but that doesn’t mean you don’t also know how to have a lit time. Your natural intelligence makes you a teacher’s favorite while your sunny disposition means everyone loves being around you. With a knack for order and eye for details, you’re likely to have all your accessories, from jewelry to shoes to makeup planned out well in advance. Don’t be surprised if your girls come to you looking some help planning their outfits!


Dresses L to R: Madison JamesSherri HillDave and Johnny

Calm and charismatic, you are especially easy to be around. You’re also highly affectionate and extremely loyal. Perhaps this is why you have so many true friendships! Whether you choose to spend homecoming with your bae or a few of your closest friends, it’s sure to be a memorable experience that you’ll treasure for years to come.


Dresses L to R: Sherri HillScalaMori Lee

Gals who are positive, trustworthy and witty often flock to this cool color. With your knack for analysis we wouldn’t be surprised if you tried on a few dresses and carefully evaluated each one before deciding on your ideal look. Now that the tough part is over, make sure to cut loose a bit!


Dresses L to R: Hannah SFavinaSherri Hill

You’re an artist who loves beauty in all forms. Whether your passion is poetry or pottery, you can showcase your unique personality in this royal color. Because you’re so nostalgic, we imagine your dress will be sufficiently documented with all the pics, snaps and posts you put up of you and your squad. You know how to make homecoming memorable and fun…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  


Dresses L to R: Sherri HillFavinaSherri Hill

Carefree and bubbly? Think pink! This deliciously femme color comes in a variety of shades, all of which are sure to bring out your inner lover. We know how affectionate you are with your friends and how much you love to live in the moment. Pink is also perfect for making new gal pals or flirting with your long-time crush!


Dresses L to R: La FemmeSherri HillScala

You’ve always been told you’re very sophisticated for your age. You’re also independent with a flare for timeless fashion. We also know how much you love to make a statement, which is why we’re sure to be looking at you with the freshest hairdo, nails and accessories. Prepare for all the photo requests and all the questions about where you scored your awesome look!


Dresses L to R: Sherri HillLa FemmeSherri Hill

Don’t belong to just one squad? Love the freedom of befriending all walks of life and doin’ your own thang? We’re not surprised to see you reaching for a white homecoming dress. Roll up to the dance with your head held high. Let the girls in your grade know you’re arriving stag and are proud to be a single lady. Just don’t be shocked if you attract some interest from people who want a one dance. 


Dresses L to R: Hannah SSherri HillSherri HIll

Want a dress that’s as individual and dynamic as you are? You’ll have the whole school talking about your gold homecoming dress. Take your responsibility as life of the party seriously and dance like everyone’s watching.


Dresses L to R: Sherri HillLa FemmeSherri Hill

Confident and sophisticated are your middle names. That’s why you couldn’t pass up a Silver gown. Plus, this sultry shimmer will look amazing as you accept your crown as Homecoming queen 2016.

Ultimately, the color you choose for the first dance of the year says more about your personality than you might realize. It goes beyond what shades work best with your skin tone and communicates your individuality.

Which color brings out your inner homecoming queen? 

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