Published on: Monday, October 20, 2014 05:30

Prom. It’s supposed to be the most magical and memorable evening in a teenager’s life – at least that’s the idea we have from the proms we see in the movies and on TV. Before you go through this rite of passage yourself, you get to watch your favorite stars experience all the glamour and fun of prom up on the screen. Every movie with a prom scene usually includes a lot of drama, some awkwardness and, sometimes, at least one prom fashion fail. Here are some of the worst movie prom dresses that we’ve seen on screen over the past few decades (you’ve been warned).

Josie Grossie in Never Been Kissed – Shiny banded collar. Huge lace-trimmed sleeves. And is that white fishnet material on her chest? We adore this movie and Drew Barrymore, but there is nothing that could make this prom dress disaster work. Nothing.

Bella in Twilight – Even though we’re all for the cardi, throwing an ivory embroidered flowered one over a tiered ruffled dress feels a little grandmotherly, especially for a prom date with Edward. We think this look is more bland than bella for a prom night (your date and probably even your grandmother would agree).

Deb in Napoleon Dynamite – We love the quirkiness of this cult flick despite its lack of fashion sense. Deb’s all-lace tiered dress, while accentuating her penchant for pink (which she wore throughout the movie), is kind of a mess – right up there with the crimped hair. 

Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You – While some crop top dresses can work beautifully for prom, this wrinkly ballerina-skirted one doesn’t quite hit the mark (it looks too much like a child’s Halloween costume). Tip: If you want to rock a crop top dress, make sure the skirt’s waist is a little higher than your belly-button.

Pretty in Pink – This movie’s famed director, John Hughes, understood teen angst better than anyone else in the 80’s. Although, Andie, Molly Ringwald’s character in this film, has always been one of our favorite screen teens (and was clearly ahead of her time with her DIY and vintage inspiration), this dress has always been a major don’t.

Honorable Mention: Monica and Rachel in Friends – Sure, this was a prom flashback built for laughs on the most popular television sitcom in the 90s, but no one could ever forget the equally hideous dresses these friends wore. We’re relieved the puffy sleeves and oversized pinned corsage have met their demise.

If you’re ready for some prom dress do’s, including hot prom trends for 2015, visit our trend boards. You’ll find inspiration for your perfect prom dress, prom hair and make-up, and the best prom accessories to complete your look.

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