10 Steps to be a 10 at Prom 2024!

Published on: Tuesday, April 18, 2023 11:52

Dear Prom Shopper,  

Prom is stressful, we get it! The preparation to-do list seems endless, or you’re not quite sure what to even put on it because this is the first formal event you’ve ever attended. That’s where Terry Costa comes in, your fairy godmother is here to help! 

We’ve compiled a 10 item checklist from the dress to the date that will make the process easy and seamless, guaranteed.

We’ve even thrown in a few hot tips, free of charge! 

 Let's get started:

1. Buy the PERFECT prom dress

At Terry Costa we know that prom is your time to shine, and not just any dress will do! That’s why we keep fresh styles coming all the time, receiving new shipments every day! We have over 37 years of experience & formal wear expertise to offer to ensure that you look incredible on prom night.

From the incredible buyers that source only the most amazing styles, to top notch fashion consultants with an education in fabrics, silhouettes, and sizing, the Terry Costa Prom team is the best the industry has to offer. Have questions? Give us a call at (972)-385-6100. 

We’re Dallas-based and open 7 days a week! We will stop at nothing to make sure you look your very best. After all - we know if you look good, we look good too! 

2. Add accessories  

Up next…Accessories. Those everyday huggies just won’t do on prom night! Terry Costa has an amazing selection of jewelry curated specifically to match your perfect dress! 

Hot Tips:

  • Beaded neckline? Skip the necklace and opt for an earring and matching bracelet instead!
  • Sleek and simple? Add a fun piece of statement jewelry to take the look to the next level. Can’t go wrong with a statement earring!
  • One shoulder? Skip the necklace and go for an earring instead! Strapless? Spring for a necklace AND earrings, maybe even a cocktail ring if you’re feeling bold! 

Whatever you do, make sure you leave the everyday jewelry at home! 

You’ll also need a matching clutch packed with only the essentials - phone, keys, ID, little emergency money, and your favorite lipgloss! 

Finally, a great high heel! You can never go wrong with a neutral heel that matches your skin tone, it elongates the leg and goes with a dress of any color! 

3. Set up an Alterations appointment 

As perfect as you are, nothing ever fits quite as well as it could right off the rack! Alterations are a necessary part of wearing formal wear of any kind. In the months of March - May, tailors near you may begin to book up with proms and spring weddings, so make sure you set your appointment in advance!  

The most common alterations include:

  • a hem (most long gowns are cut for someone who is (5’9”))
  • a shoulder/strap adjustment (do the straps fall off your shoulder? Does the dress gap a little along the shoulder blades? Does the neckline sit a little low? These are all tell-tale signs that you need your straps adjusted!) 

It is always best practice to accommodate the largest part of your body, and alter in from there! Proper tailoring can and will take your look to the next level! 

Hot Tip: Bring the shoes you plan to wear with the dress to your alterations appointment so the tailor can make sure your hem is perfect for prom night! 

4. Tan Appointment 

Depending on the date of your prom, the spring sun may not yet be out and maybe the winter has left you a little pale? Your natural color is always beautiful, but there’s nothing like a little sun kissed glow to take a bright colored prom dress to the next level!

A sunless tan is a great and accessible solution - just make sure you do a practice run before the big day. Grab some sunless tanning lotion from a local store or set up a spray tan appointment at your local salon! 

Hot Tip: Only go 1-2 shades darker than your natural skin tone to keep things looking natural! 

5. Nail Appointment

If you want to do something special, a Mani/Pedi is always a great idea! Grab your girls, and head to the nail salon for a little pre-prom pamper sesh. Choose a color complimentary to your gown or go for something classic & neutral. 

No time for the salon? Don’t forget you can always grab some polish from your local store and do it yourself! Not only is a Mani/Pedi a great thing to do with friends, it won’t go to waste with sandal season quickly approaching! 

6. Hair Appointment 

Whether you go with soft curls or a glamorous updo, having your hair done the day of prom will make you look and feel fabulous! 

Hot Tip: Make sure you wear a zip up hoodie or button down shirt to the appointment so that you don’t have to put anything over your head that will mess up your new do! 

7. Makeup Appointment 

Never done glam? Leave it to a professional! Set up a makeup appointment in advance for the day of prom. Ask for “soft glam” if you’re not a big makeup girly, and the artist can use more neutral tones to elevate your look without making you feel like you don’t look like yourself! 

Hot Tip: If you have a particular brand of makeup you like, many makeup counters will do a full face of makeup with a product purchase minimum, giving you glam and some new products to add to your makeup bag - a little more bang for your buck! 

8. Date? 

If you’re attending prom with a date, make sure you instruct them on which colors would be most complimentary to your dress! A tie the same color as your dress is always a great way to ensure your looks go together for the big day! 

Hot Tip: Ask the tailor to save a swatch from the hem of your dress to take tie shopping! 

9. Set up Location for pictures day of Prom

Attending prom is a memory you’ll have for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you have photos you can look back on fondly for years to come!

Make a plan with your prom party in advance to gather someplace you can take photos prior to heading to prom!  

10. Post them on insta and tag @terrycostaprom ! 

We love to see your prom pictures and we hope that you’ll tag us in the photos from your big day, after all, nobody wears it better than you! 



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