Prom Dresses and Accessories: How to Find What you Love Online

Published on: Monday, March 14, 2022 10:43

Prom is a major life event that should be fully enjoyed. If you’ve been counting down the days and going into full planning mode, you’re not alone. If you want to maximize the experience, you’ll need to do a bit of planning. Might as well start with the fun part: Shopping for a prom dress.

While you may forget a lot of details about prom night, your prom dress isn’t one of them. The options are plentiful – and so are the prom dress shops and online prom dress stores. But that doesn’t mean all prom dress store websites are the same.

Want to do it right? Here’s what to look for when browsing prom dress shops online.


We’re here to help ensure your online prom shopping goes smoothly. It’s only right that you and your friends end up with prom dresses and accessories that you love. There are literally thousands of options if you want to buy prom dresses online. The key is to choose one that’s reputable before you ‘add to cart’. Sites like Terry Costa are high quality, and you are assured peace of mind. Good luck finding that kind of assurance at other online prom stores.

If you aren’t sure about a site, do the following: Search for reviews offsite. Many times, the prom dress store website will offer reviews, but they can be manipulated by the company. Search offsite for reviews and testimonials. Of course, every store has one or two bad reviews, but if a prom dress shop has overall good reviews, that’s a good sign.

  • Search for reviews offsite. Many times, the prom dress store website will offer reviews, but they can be manipulated by the company. Search offsite for reviews and testimonials. Of course, every store has one or two bad reviews, but if a prom dress shop has overall good reviews, that’s a good sign.
  • Check the return or exchange policy. You can rest assured that orders placed for prom dress sites online are returnable with a 10% restocking fee, or may be exchanged.

When finding designer prom dresses online, it’s especially important to double check authenticity as well. You don’t want to pay extra for something that turns out to be a knockoff. How embarrassing!


Prom dress shopping tip #2: Don’t forget the prom accessories! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hair pieces can make great additions for prom dresses and are a great way to personalize any dress or look. With the right accessories, you can even pick a fairly simple dress and still make it stand out. Remember, you can shop around for accessories and don’t have to buy them all from the same spot.

So long as you start your prom dress search early enough, you won’t have to worry about feeling pressure to pick until you’ve found the right ones.


No prom dress guide can stress this enough. Start early! When ordering online, waiting until the last minute can mean that you end up without a dress, something doesn’t fit, or you don’t like the dress you ordered.

Check the shipping times to get an idea how far in advance you need to start making moves. Worst case scenario: You order early and have a few extra weeks to try on your dress from the comfort of your room. Maybe even plan out your different makeup looks.

In general, you really can’t start shopping too early in the school year for your spring prom. If you buy prom shoes online, it’s probably pretty easy to find the right size. However, prom dresses online are a different story. It is important to take your measurements or ask a friend or family member to take them, so you know what size to get. All sites are different, and sizing can be confusing. Also, when you and your friends buy prom dresses, make sure all parts of the dress fit properly on your unique frame. Measurements can help make sure you’ll flatter every part of your figure.


Whether you buy prom shoes online or in person, don’t forget to factor in the height of the shoe when you are measuring yourself. While you don’t want your dress to drag on the ground, you don’t want to end up having a dress that’s too short either. Shopping for shoes can be a challenge too. While online prom shoes tend to be more unique, it’s usually a good idea to try them on beforehand, and maybe even break them in. This is easier to do with shoes that you buy in person, but not impossible if you shop online. Just be sure to order early!

Online Prom Shopping FAQ:

  • How much do prom dresses usually cost? The average cost of a prom dress will usually run you from $100-600, with some gowns costing much more, depending on the brand and level of detail.
  • How should I prepare for dress shopping? Start by reading some prom dresses guides from reputable sites and shops. Then, create your budget, take your measurements, research the trends, and make sure you have a plan to try your dream dress with enough time for any necessary alterations or exchanges.
  • Should I book an appointment to try on prom dresses? It’s always a good idea to try on the dress in person before you buy it if possible. However, if you know your measurements you can confidently buy online, so long as the store has an easy and transparent return policy.
  • What to wear to a dress fitting? If possible, bring a pair of heels to your fitting. It will help you determine which length of dress to get.


Before you text your friends, “Where can u buy prom dresses?” or, “Help me find a prom dress!” check out Terry Costa. We have a wide selection of prom dresses, shoes, and accessories to fit every style. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and service, and we can’t wait to help you make your prom dreams come true. We even offer a buy now pay later program to help with financing. Returns are easy too, so change your mind as many times as you need before the big day (just get started ASAP!) Before you freak out about where to find prom dresses, check out Terry Costa today.

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